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Crystal Palace FC Premium Gin - Pewter Edition

Official Pewter Edition Crystal Palace FC Premium Gin

Join 100s of other Eagles fans in enjoying our Officially Licensed Palace FC Premium Gin. This prime piece of Palace memorabilia has been created to both look and taste incredible.

Our master artisans produce both our Palace Gin & Vodka in our small batch UK distilleries using the finest ingredients. For our gin this includes both pure spring water and high-end botanicals, and means our gin is clean, crisp and smooth on the palate, and has a subtle fresh citrus aroma for you to enjoy. Whether you’re an Eagles fan or just know someone who is, this is one shot you can’t afford to miss!

    • Sizes: 70cl
    • Servings Per Bottle (25ml): 28 shots
    • Only £1.32 per shot of premium, artisan distilled gin
    • ABV: 40% 

 *Gift Box available to buy separately.