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AROE Premium Vodka

Entering the Street Art world with a statement of intent, we have partnered with one of the UK´s premier street artists –AROE, a renowned and revered street artist who brings his distinguished style to Bohemian Brands with a limited-edition product –AROE Premium Vodka.

We distilled a small batch super premium corn vodka which is sweet and smooth on the palette and presented in an exclusive bottle featuring a unique rear print AROE artwork label which also features state of the art augmented reality technology, Seeing Is Believing. The bottles are offered in limited and exclusive bespoke AROE boxes creating a desirable and collectable piece of AROE legacy artwork. Each box includes a one off unique AROE design piece for each fortunate and successful collector.

With only 64 of these ever being produced in the world, this is truly something limited & exclusive and deserves a place in any street art collection around the world. 

Each purchase includes:

  • Bottle of super premium corn vodka 70cl 40% alc/vol
  • unique element of AROE artwork all
  • Presented in a bespoke hand sprayed wooden box (each box is individually unique)



About the artist:

Prolific graffiti artist AROE is widely considered one of the most influential and innovative names in the subculture of British urban art. 

A master of his craft, AROE’s large-scale murals are free-form, each one hand-painted without the use of stencils or projectors. Many of his limited edition print releases also feature hand-finished elements for a unique touch and a collectable appeal. 

Inspired by Hip Hop culture – through Malcolm McLaren’s ‘Buffalo Girls’ video in 1990 – Aroe began creating graffiti at the age of 13. Before he had entered his twenties, AROE had become a member of the world-famous graffiti crew MSK (Mad Society Kings); and, by the mid-2000s, had co-founded Heavy Artillery, one of the UK’s most notorious graffiti crews. Loved and hated in equal measure, AROE’s contentious posse have divided the urban art scene like Marmite – and altered the face of the graffiti forever.


Story of the project and the elements:  

As with any great and influential art project the plan very quickly goes out the window, from an initial aim of producing an AROE premium vodka in an exclusive tagged box it has evolved into something much more exclusive, limited, and desirable with AROE x BOHEMIAN BRANDS producing something that has never been seen before in the Street Art community and drinks industry.

The project not only incorporates the premium vodka and bespoke one-off boxes but also encompasses a unique one off AROE design element in each box. The element originates from a unique individual large artwork “You Minor We Major” which was created then 64 pieces where cut out in four different designs, with one design placed into each box - meaning that no two boxes are the same inside or out.

The remaining piece of “You Minor We Major” is now its own incredible piece of artwork with the remains being fabricated onto a unique backboard and mounted with an incredible frame that demonstrates AROE´s continual force of nature attitude pushing against all the street art parameters.

And for those real Street art fanatics, the only way the “You Minor We Major” artwork can be viewed again as a whole piece is if someone buys all 64 boxes and fits it back together again as the biggest Street Art jigsaw.





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